2024-2025 BOARD

President: Mike Sharp 

Mike has been on the Ice Dogs Board for 8 years, serving as an At-large member, CCHL Director, and Vice President.  He has been involved as a coach in the program since 2010 and has coached every age group from LTP to 19U.  He looks forward to continuing to work with the Board, our membership, and our key partners to ensure the Ice Dogs organization maintains its historic mission, and to rebuilding and transitioning the Club to our new home at the Mt. Vernon Rec Center.  

Vice President: Megan Gottemoeller 

Megan has been part of the Ice Dogs since her sons (now 18U and 14U) started in LTP. As a Board Member-at-large since 2021, she has led or been involved in many aspects of the club functions, including communications, fundraising, event planning and governance. As vice-president, she hopes to represent the core values of the Ice Dogs organization to the broader community as we enter a period of regrowth.  

Treasurer: HB Swoope 

H.B. is the current NVHC Treasurer and has served on the BOD as Treasurer for the past 14 years.  H.B. has had one son begin in cross ice and play through all levels. In his time as Treasurer, he helped automate the club's payment system and migrated through two registration platforms. H.B. has enjoyed working with the BOD and NVHC families to ensure a fun, safe and affordable hockey program. 

Secretary: Will Heaton 

Will has been part of the Ice Dogs since his son and daughter (now 14U and 10U) started in LTP. He joined the board as an At-Large member in 2021 and has been Secretary since 2023. He has helped coach his son’s and daughter’s teams at the 8U, 10U and 12U levels and the Girls CBHL program. Will looks forward to serving again on the NHVC Board to provide the best hockey experience for the Club’s youth and position the Club for regrowth. 

CCHL Director: Ben Marter 

Ben has been an Ice Dog since 2013, coaching 14U, 12U, 8U, LTP, and now with his son at the 10U level. He directed the Ice Dogs’ LTP and 8U programs before taking on the club’s coed CCHL program, steering the program through rebuilding years in 2021 and 2022. As CCHL director, Ben hopes to continue to build the pipeline of young Ice Dogs growing our club. 

Girls’ Hockey Director: Larry Blake 

Larry has been an Ice Dog since 2017, coaching his daughter and son at Girls 14UAA, 16UAA, 19UAA as well as 12U, 14U and 18U CCHL teams. He has spent the past three years as the Girls program director and 19U Girls head coach and looks forward to continuing to grow and rebuild the Ice Dogs Girls program. 

CBHL Director: Liz Townsend  

Liz has been a part of the Ice Dogs since her son, now 16U, started in LTP and was a 10U and 14U team manager. She’s been involved in travel hockey for four years. Most recently, she volunteered her time to spearhead jersey number assignments, Ice Dog Night and various activities throughout the year.  

8U/Growth Director: Jon Howard 

Jon has been an Ice Dog parent and coach since 2021, with two kids (8U and 10U) in the program. He’s coached hockey at both 8U and 10U levels and other youth sports. He enjoys working with kids, creating a positive environment in which they can learn, and building the love for hockey that he’s enjoyed for much of his life. Jon grew up playing hockey (including with his high school team in the Johnstown, PA arena rink where the movie “Slapshot” was filmed) and continues to play in local pick up leagues. He believes in the Ice Dogs’ philosophy and as part of the Board will work to continue the positive, fun environment and attract new families to the Club as the Ice Dogs return to their home at the Mt. Vernon rink.

Board Member At-Large: Courtney Cheney 

Courtney has been involved with the Ice Dogs organization since 2018, serving as an 8U and LTP coach, and assisting with off-ice game operations. In addition to hockey, he has coached more than a dozen seasons of youth sports in the Fort Hunt area, and prides himself on teaching the critical skills necessary to execute in competition, while emphasizing the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and leadership. He looks forward to leveraging his strategic thinking and business acumen in making decisions related to the governance and future direction of the Ice Dogs.

Board Member At-Large: Chris Upham 

Chris has been an Ice Dog parent and coach for about the last 5 years, has two sons in the program, and is excited to continue coaching with their teams. Last season he helped coach the 12U team to the CCHL semifinals, the 10U CCHL championship team, and continued to coach in the spring program. Chris currently serves on the George Washington Middle School PTA as the Treasurer and joined the Ice Dogs Board because he’s grateful for the opportunities the Ice Dogs have given his kids to grow and develop in their love of hockey. He plans to help the organization in this exciting time as we position the club to move back to Mount Vernon, and build back stronger than ever before. 


  • Registrar: Kristi Carbone
  • Scheduler: Phil Erdie
  • Web and Social Media: Jen Myers and Sally Velez
  • PVAHA Rep: Andy Mueller
  • Merchandise Chair: Erica Rabe
  • Uniform Chair: Sarah Hazeltine
  • LTP and Skills Adviser: Mike Hearon
  • Advisers Emeriti: David Paradise and Brian McCarthy